The Enou Saika is the travel pass used by Kou Shuurei during her journey in Sa province as its new co-governor. Issued to Shuurei at the request of Kou Kurou to the Ko Clan, it allows her to pass through most checkpoints without being searched.

The travel pass for the journey bears the clan crest of Ko Kijin, as the minister who issues the pass, but in the special "seven-colored" ink that can only be made by the Kou Clan and marks her as a person of importance to them. When surrounded by darkness, the luminous "seven-coloured" ink causes the travel pass to glows brightly. Only those merchants under the direct control of the Ko clan have successfully manufactured this and possess it.

Regarded as a very special item, if a person carrying a token bearing the Enou Saika made with this paint should appear, the Merchant's Guild is to help that person regardless of what they may have to set aside to do so. This was the direct request from the Kou Clan's leader as well as the proxy leader.