The Heki Clan (碧家 Hekike) is one of the Seven Coloured Clans of Saiunkoku. The clan's name translates to jade green.


Members of this clan and their retainers are known to as masters of the arts and literature. Aside from positions in the arts and ceremonies, very few members of the Heki clan are involved in politics and as a result, the clan is known to be poor at political bargaining.

Clan MembersEdit

Heki HakumeiEdit


Heki Hakumei (碧 珀明 Heki Hakumei) is an Imperial Court Official in the Ministry Of Civil Administration.

Heki KarinEdit


Heki Karin (碧 歌梨 Heki Karin) is Heki Hakumei's elder sister and the mother of Heki Banri.

Heki BanriEdit


Heki Banri (碧 万里 Heki Banri) is the son of Heki Karin and Ouyou Jun, as well as Heki Hakumei's nephew.

Ouyou JunEdit

Ouyou jun

Ouyou Jun (欧陽 純, Ōyō Jun) is the husband of Heki Karin and father of Heki Banri.

The Green Retainers Edit

Each colored clan has four branch families as their retainers. The retainers of the Heki Clan are called the Green Retainers or  Green Gates. Only one retainer clan is known so far.

Ouyou Clan Edit

Gyoku and Hishou

Ouyou Gyoku

The Ouyou Clan is one of the four Green Retainers.  It appears that this clan maybe the main retainer as a member of this clan is married to the next head of the main house. Known members are Ouyou Jun  and Ouyou Gyoku.