Kei Na
Appears in Light Novels
Personal Info
Gender Male
Occupation Official

Kei Na was a famous official in Ou Ki's generation. He was the previous governor of the Heki Province and currently assumed dead after falling from a cliff and being buried under a landslide.

Personality and Characteristics Edit

Kei Na was very energetic in spite of his old age. He is considered to be a man of miracle as he returned after presumed to be dead many times. Once he came back alive after everyone held his funeral. He is known to be a drinker as he always barged in Ou Ki's manor without invitation and drank up all the good liquor.

Plot Edit

During the Locust plague in the Heki Province, Kei Na fell off a cliff while trying to save a woman and her child. Right after he fell a landslide occurred. His body couldn't be discovered even after half a month so everyone gave up on his survival and presumed him to be dead. He was succeeded by Ouyou Gyoku temporarily.