Kou Sera
Japanese Name 紅 世羅
Romaji Translation Kō Sera
Pinyin Translation Hóng ShìLuó
Debut (Anime) N/A
Debut (Manga) N/A
Appears in Light Novels
Voice Actor (Japanese) N/A
Voice Actor (English) N/A
Personal Info
Gender Female
Age Early teens (first appearance)
Family Kou Kurou (Father)
Kyuuka (Mother)
Kou Hakuyuu (Older Brother)
Kou Shouka (Uncle)
Kou Shuurei (Paternal Cousin)
Kou Reishin (Uncle)
Yuri (Aunt)
Li Kouyuu (Relative)
Title Princess (姫 -hime)

Kou Sera (紅 世羅) is Kou Kurou's daughter.


Little is known about Sera, though she is mentioned to be in her early teens during the series. She has been said to be beautiful, receiving countless proposals of marriage.[1]

Personality & CharacteristicsEdit


Sera is the younger child and only daughter of Kou Kurou, the younger brother of Kou Shouka and Kou Reishin. Like her cousin Kou Shuurei, she is a direct descendent of the lineage of the Kou Clan; as such, both she and Shuurei are allowed the title of "Princess" (姫, -hime).

She is first mentioned in a conversation between Kurou and Li Kouyuu, when Kurou expresses his hope that Kouyuu will marry Kurou's niece Shuurei.[2] Sera is mentioned again when Ran Jyuusan speculates the reasoning for Shuurei to enter the Imperial Harem as a princess of the Kou Clan is flawed. As Shouka's status within the Kou Clan has been unstable, Jyuusan points out that Sera would have been a safer choice politically rather than Shuurei and further suggests the plan had been to place Shuurei in a position for her to be assassinated, as the security around the Imperial Harem is laxer than most believe.[1]

Sera appears in a short story in Saiunkoku Monogatari: Curtain Call, where it's revealed that she has liked Kouyuu for a long time, suggesting a potential romance between them.[3]

Skills & TalentsEdit

Sera is said to assist her father, while acting as the proxy head of the Kou Clan in the place of Reishin, in running the affairs of the clan from Kou Province. Along with her beauty, she has been described as a talented young woman, which has resulted in numerous marriage proposals.[1]



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