Rai Shunshin
Japanese Name 来 俊臣
Romaji Translation Rai Shunshin
Pinyin Translation Lái JùnChén
Debut (Anime) N/A
Debut (Light Novel) Volume 14
Debut (Manga) N/A
Appears in Light Novels
Voice Actor (Japanese) N/A
Voice Actor (English) N/A
Personal Info
Gender Male
Title Minister (尚書 Shōsho)
Occupation Ministry of Justice (刑部 Keibu)

Rai Shunshin (来 俊臣 Rai Shunshin) is the Minister of Justice.


Personality & CharacteristicsEdit

During his work he appears to be a perfectly normal high ranking official however, during night in his office he reveals the eerie side of his personality. He is very fond of coffins and rituals. His way of showing his affection to people he liked was inviting them to his coffins as he did to Kou Shuurei and he even planned for  Kou Reishin's funeral after his dismissal. In spite of his odd persona, he is a very capable minister who gives his judgement calculatively. 


He was shown first when Kouki came to visit him regarding Reishin and Kouyuu's case in his office which happens to be an underground cell. He was happily telling Kouki about his planning for Reishin's funeral and discussing Kouki's past when Shuurei along with Riku Seiga arrived. Due to the eerie environment and Shunshin's final words, Shuurei thinks Kouki is a zombie and vows to avenge his death causing Kouki to become flabbergasted and Seiga to struggle to contain his laughter. Seeing this energetic girl, Shunshin became interested in her instantly and invited her to his coffin only to find her asleep on her feet. Kouki takes leave of him and carries the sleeping Shuurei out of the cell.

When Kouyuu's trial begins, he asks Shuure if she would offer up her rank to free Kouyuu from the charge (a form of bailing one out using someone's official rank) but she refuses. She states that if guilty people keeps on using their ranks to get away then their is no need for trials to begin with which impresses him although he notes that despite being a promising official, Shuurei is a bit naive. In the end, Kouyuu was demoted to a joukan and aallowed to start all over again.

Skills & TalentsEdit


Ki KoukiEdit

As Kouki is the chief of the Censorate, he has to frequently interact with him regarding persecuted officials and their trials. They have mutual respect for each other and Shunshin appears to be aware of Kouki's past.

Kou ShuureiEdit

When he met Shuurei, he took an instant liking to her, however, since Shuurei was unaware of his weird persona she got freaked out. He invited her to one of his coffins. She was the censor who confronted him about Li Kouyuu's case in the court. He believes that Shuurei is a fine official but just a bit naive.

Shi RyuukiEdit

Unlike others, Shunshin wasn't particularly upset with the emperor but when Ryuuki decided to force Shuurei to quit and become his wife, he became greatly disappointed with him.