The Ran family crest: Twin Dragon Lotus Spring

Ran clan

Members of the Ran Clan

The Ran Clan (藍家 Ranke) is the most powerful clan in Saiunkoku, directly below that of the imperial family. The clan's name translates to blue or indigo. The clan seal bears the emblems of Twin Dragon Lotus Spring.


They tend to be dormant in national politics and are colloquially known as "sleeping dragon", which is reflected in the description of the clan's seal

The specialty of the clan is producing salt from the water margins of Ran province. The Shiba are their main clan of retainers. The main residence of the Ran clan is located in Ran Province.


Ran SetsunaEdit


Ran Setsuna (藍 雪那 Ran Setsuna) is the collective name given to the identical triplets who act as the head of the Ran Clan and  individually, they are named Yuki (雪 Yuki), Tsuki (月 Tsuki), and Hana (花 Hana). They are the first born sons of the previous clanhead.

Ran ShuueiEdit

Ran Shuuei
(藍 楸瑛 Ran Shūei) is a former General of the Left Habayashi Army (左羽林軍 Hidari Uringun) and the fourth son of the direct line of Ran clan.

Ran RyuurenEdit

Ran Ryuuren
(藍 龍蓮 Ran Ryūren) is the youngest son of the direct line and a known wanderer.

Ran JyuusanEdit

Ran jyuusan
Ran Jyuusan
(藍 十三 Ran Jyūsan), known as Princess Jyuusan (十三姬, Jyuusan-hime), is the half-sister of the five Ran brothers and the current Chief Lady-In-Waiting in the Imperial Harem. She is the 13th princess of the direct line of the Ran clan.

Ran GyokukaEdit


Ran Gyokuka (玉華 Gyokuka) is the official consort of Ran Setsuna, specifically of the eldest triplet, Yuki.

The Blue RetainersEdit

Each colored clan has four branch families as their retainers. The Ran clan's retainers are called the Blue Retainers or the Blue Gates. One among the four retainer clans are known so far.

Shiba ClanEdit


Shiba Jin

The Shiba Clan
is the main retainers of the Ran Clan. Known members are Shiba Jin, Shiba Ryuu and Shiba Yuu.