Ran Province

The Ran Province

Ran Province is known as the 'Capital of Water' and is a province surrounded with lakes and rivers. The geography of this province is very beautiful and people often come to visit this place. The Ran province is the home to the Ran Clan, who rule of the province. Being a watery province, the only way to visit Ran Province is by a ship.

Notable Places Edit

The Nine Colored Cove Edit

Nine Colored Cove

The Nine Colored Cove

The Nine Colored Cove is a restricted place within the province which is the Hyou Clan's territory. This reserved area is outside the reach of authority and houses the Sacred Artifact of the Ran Province. The provincial temple of the Hyou Clan is situated here. The main residence of the Ran clan is also located here.The water of this cove is famous for being jade green in color. The cove is also famous for being the natural habitat of the Indigo ducks and its local specialty are the Monkey-head Mushrooms.

The Houkyou MountainEdit

Houkyou Mountain

The Houkyou Mountain

The Houkyou Mountain is situated within the Nine Colored Cove. It is a mysterious mountain where everyone gets lost unless someone from the Hyou Clan or of the Imperial Bloodline leads them. The Hyou clan's temple is located here and it houses the 'Sacred Mirror', the holy artifact of the Ran Province. Therefore, this mountain is called the 'Treasure Mirror Mountain'.




Gykouryuu is the capital city of the Ran Province. The residence of the Ran Clan is believed to be in this city, as is customary.

The Ran Clan Residence Edit

Ran mansion

The main residence of the Ran Clan

The mansion of the Ran Clan is the residence of the main house of the Ran Clan. The Ran mansion is actually situated in the Nine Colored Cove although most believes it to be situated in the capital city Gyokuryuu. The known residents are the clan leader Ran Setsuna, his wife Ran Gyokuka, his younger siblings Ran Shuuei, Ran Ryuuren and Ran Jyuusan.