Sa Kokujun
Japanese Name 茶 克洵
Romaji Translation Sa Kokujun
Pinyin Translation Chá KèXún
Debut (Manga) N/A
Appears in Light Novels, Anime
Voice Actor (Japanese) Toriumi Kouske
Voice Actor (English) Kyle Rideout
Personal Info
Gender Male
Age 18 (Beginning of the series)
Family Sa Bou
Sa Chuushou (Grandfather)
Hyou Eiki (Grand-Aunt)
Sa Enjun (Grand-Uncle)
Sa Soujun (Older Brother)
Sa Sakujun (Older Brother)
Sa Shunki (Wife)
Occupation Head of The Sa Clan

Sa Kokujun (茶 克洵 Sa Kokujun) is the current Head of the Sa Clan, son of Sa Bou, and Sa Shunki's husband.


Personality & CharacteristicsEdit

Kokujun is kind, but is considered the weakest of Chuushou's sons because of his kindness. He reminds Lady Eiki and Sakujun of the young Enjun.


Kokujun is fond of his cousin Shunki, and he releases Shi Seiran and Ro Ensei from confinement so they can rescue her. Ensei lectures him harshly instead, encouraging Kokujun to take action himself by safely bringing To Eigetsu and Kourin to Kinka, concealing his knowledge that Kourin (posing as Kou Shuurei) is not really the female co-governor.

When the ring of the Sa clan is recovered, Kokujun takes on the leadership of the Sa clan with Shunki's support. He is close friends with Ran Ryuuren, who also the same age as him, and admires him very much. He officially debuts as the Sa clan leader after vowing loyalty to Ryuuki during the New Year.

Skills & TalentsEdit