Ensei and Yuushun

The ex-governor and vice-governor of the Sa province

The officials who are in charge of the Sa province. Given how dangerous the condition of the Sa province is, officials who were appointed in this province were carefully chosen as the slightest mistake can mean death.

Known OfficialsEdit

Ro EnseiEdit


Ro Ensei

Rou Ensei
was the previous governor of the Sa province. Though he didn't even pass the provincial exams, he was appointed the governor because of his ability to ward off assassins and impartiality towards the Sa Clan.

Tei YuushunEdit

Tei yuushun

Tei Yuushun

Tei Yuushun was the previous vice-governor of the Sa province. He and Ensei together were a formidable pair as Ensei excelled in strength while Yushuun made up for the intelligence with his uncomparable proficiency in politics.

Kou ShuureiEdit

Elegant shuurei

Kou Shuurei

Kou Shuurei was one of the two co-governors who succeeded Ensei as the new governor of the Sa province.

To EigetsuEdit

Tou eigetsu

To Eigetsu

To Eigetsu along with Shuurei, was appointed as the governor of the Sa province to succeed Ensei.

Kai YuEdit

Kai yu

Kai Yu

Kai Yu was appointed later as Shuurei and Eigetsu's successor and the new governor of the Sa province.

You ShuuEdit

You shuu

You Shuu

You Shuu was later appointed in the Sa province as a district head.