The Sou Clan is the true imperial family and the founder clan of Saiunkoku. Alongside the Hyou Clan, the Sou clan had its own name among the highest nobles outside the Eight Coloured Clans. The clan was founded by the first emperor Sou Gen, while his younger sister Sou Youki detached herself from the Sou clan and founded the Hyou clan as its shadow counterpart. The Hyou clan has been the Sou clan's support and final refuge since the beginning. As the founder of the Saiunkoku, the emperors of the beginning mostly all came from the Sou clan.

Over time due to the intermarriage between the imperial clan and the Shi Clan, the most prestigious among the eight clans and second only to the imperial family, the throne came to the Shi clan from the Sou clan through succession order at some point (probably due to the lack of true blooded heirs). Eventually, the Shi clan came to be known as the imperial clan while the minor survivors of the Sou clan were persecuted and forced into becoming one of the Shi clan's branch families with the surname 'Ou'. During emperor Shi Senka's reign, he purged almost all the branch families of the Shi clan because members of the true imperial clan were related to these clans through blood. 

Known Members Edit

Sou GenEdit

Sou Gen

Sou Gen

Sou Gen was the first emperor of Saiunkoku. He together with his sister, destroyed and sealed away all the demons that once infested this country thousands of years ago with the help of the Eight Coloured Sages

Sou YoukiEdit

Sou Youki

Sou Youki

Sou Youki was Sou Gen's younger sister. She had supernatural talents and thus decided to found the Hyou Clan as the Sou clan's shadow, in hopes of raising magicians and priestesses to protect the country her brother founded from all kind of supernatural occurrences.

Sou ShuuEdit

Sou Shuu was Sou Gen's son and the 2nd emperor. Unlike his father he was renowned for his kind and warm heart.

Sou KiEdit


Ou Ki

Sou Ki, commonly known as Ou Ki, is currently one of the few survivors of the Sou family. He was originally first in line to the throne after Emperor Senka's demise.

Sou TsuyuriEdit

Sou Tsuyuri, commonly known as Ou Tsuyuri is the older sister of Ou Ki. She was the previous Black Wolf and Kou Shouka's mentor. She served Senka as his personal assassin

Sou HienEdit

Sou Hien, commonly known as Ou Hien, was Ou Ki's daughter. She was married to the head of the Hyou clan, Hyou Riou Sr. and the mother of Hyou Riou Jr.

Hyou Riou Jr.Edit


Hyou Riou is a descendant of Sou Youki from his father's side and a descendant of Sou Gen from his mother's side. This makes him second in line to the throne behind Ou Ki after Senka's death since he has the purest blood of the founders.